INV, Sobre inv seguridad

About INV Seguridad

GRUPO INV was founded with the purpose of offering the best security to companies and projects, bringing together the finest professionals to earn the trust of the client as our primary objective. Due to the commitment and rigour of our people, we are experts in the design and implementation of comprehensive security plans for SMEs and large companies.

This human asset has renowned professionals, some with more than 30 years’ experience in the security sector, enriched by the incorporation of young people with very high technical and academic qualifications.

The added value is derived from protocols based on the analysis and application of solutions, reinforced with vast accumulated experience, which allows us to face projects of any size and depth with the certainty of an excellent result.

Our expert engineers carry out an exhaustive study of the most advanced procedures and technologies on the market, of the optimisation of resources, of the proposals for operational or technological improvement and the technical audits required for each project.

In short, GRUPO INV provides systems-related services to the country’s leading companies and more than 30,000 small and medium-size clients. For all these reasons, we are a guarantee of Quality and Peace of Mind and are focused and commit to ensuring that our clients can clearly perceive the added value that GRUPO INV brings compared to other companies.

The basis of our philosophy is to guarantee the right solutions to the end client, as a result of strict compliance with their obligations and with a motivated staff, backed by the peace of mind of a company that responds. We work incessantly to be recognised as a reliable company where employees are the greatest asset and sales force.

GRUPO INV’s Mission and Vision are client-oriented and committed to ethics and excellence in work practice. The objective and firm purpose is that, through the specialised companies of the GRUPO INV and its teams focused on the continuous improvement, the end client’s needs are covered with guarantees, satisfaction and the peace of mind of there being constant efforts to improve the levels of security and control with early adaptation to the ever-changing risks and threats.

Our corporate social responsibility is based on our firm commitment to the environment, through the prevention of any type of pollution in our projects and by prioritising the communication, dissemination and understanding of our Quality, Environment and Health and Safety at Work Policy both within our organisation, through the continuous training and communication of our employees, and within the framework of our relations with our clients and suppliers.

As for the systems and technology business, we are already a benchmark in Spain. Looking forward, we will continue to consolidate as one of the largest and most reliable companies in the sector. The project is ambitious in the surveillance field. One of our objectives is to offer our clients a range of transversal services, complemented by services related to surveillance and systems, as a differentiating element.

We are aware of what we have achieved so far, and we are extremely grateful to our team, which we consider to be the best and most responsible in the sector. We are also grateful to our clients who have trusted us and continue to trust us with their peace of mind.

We are confident that, with your commitment and support, we will be able to consolidate ourselves as one of the leading groups in the private security sector.